PharmaBoardroom releases new Poland pharmaceutical report

The report explores one of Europe's largest pharma markets, and looks at the delicate balance between a strong and growing economy, and healthcare legislation that many complain is negatively affecting the pharmaceutical market. more »

Jul 17, 2014

Xellia Pharmaceuticals expands into the US with acquisition of manufacturing plant

The manufacturing site significantly expanding the company’s manufacturing capacity for injectable pharmaceutical products. more »

Jul 17, 2014

West dedicates pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in India

The company has dedicated its manufacturing plant in the Sri City Special Economic Zone, where the company will expand its growing primary packaging for injectable medicines business. more »

Jul 17, 2014

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to set up a new manufacturing facility in the US

The facility will be spread over 100,000 sq. ft (around 15 acre plot) and the company will first begin work on an oral solid unit and thereafter set up manufacturing units for injectables and topicals. more »

Jul 17, 2014

Codexis announces technology collaboration and licence agreement with GSK

The licence allows GSK to use Codexis' platform technology to develop novel enzymes for use in the manufacture of GSK's pharmaceutical and healthcare products. more »

Jul 17, 2014

New method may lessen breast cancer drug’s side effects

A drug that has proven effective in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, but with serious side-effects, may be delivered effectively through the skin using a new topical drug-delivery system. more »

Jul 17, 2014

Medical Expo

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