HEPA filter launches at TechnoPharm

Filtration group AAF launched a new HEPA filter during this year’s TechnoPharm in Nuremburg, Germany. more »

Oct 2, 2014 Manufacturing

Mobile technology: why pharma mustn’t ignore it

Are pharma firms investing enough in their own websites? Will failure to offer mobile useability soon present major hurdles? more »

Oct 1, 2014 Industry

Contamination control practices: are you up to date?

New guidelines aimed at raising standards of contamination control in the pharmaceutical industry mean that organisations may need to re-assess their current practices, according to supplier firm Ecolab Contamination Control. more »

Sep 29, 2014 Manufacturing

Smaller outside, bigger inside

Priorclave has developed a benchtop autoclave which, despite being designed for compactness, includes a 50% increase in chamber capacity. more »

Sep 26, 2014 Manufacturing

£1.5m pharma lab opens in the UK

Lucideon has opened a new pharmaceutical quality control testing laboratory at its UK HQ in Stoke-on-Trent. more »

Sep 26, 2014 Laboratory

Pressing matter

Natoli Engineering has announced the release of its latest two tablet presses, the NP-RD20, an R&D style tablet press and the NP-155 rotary tablet press. more »

Sep 26, 2014 Manufacturing

Medical Expo

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