European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine - Equipment and Services to aid Drug Manufacture European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine is the only product tabloid-style publication in Europe covering the entire manufacturing supply chain and continues to uphold its reputation as a prime and trusted resource for the global industry. en-us © 2014 Rapid Life Sciences Ltd, a Rapid News Communications Group Company. All Rights Reserved. Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:04:00 GMT Regulation in Russia Inna Demodova, head of regulatory affairs for Russia and CIS at ELC Group, looks at the upcoming regulatory requirements in the world’s fastest growing market.

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Challenges of pharmaceutical regulation Romulo Leon, head of global sales at Mettler-Toledo provides his take on fresh regulation challenges for pharma today.

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Whitepaper: Optimal Temperature Control Thomas Pohl from temperature control specialist Jubalo provides an insightful whitepaper on optimal temp control in pharma labs.

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New show covers entire pharma supply chain A new event, Pharma Expo 2014 will be co-located with Pack Expo International, and will take place November 2-5 in the West Building of Chicago’s McCormick Place.

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Weekly Innovation: AseptiQuik Connectors This week we turn the spotlight on Colder Products Company's ‘AseptiQuik’ range of connectors, which are designed to permit single-use sterile connections to be made safely and quickly.

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Can computer algorithms divine Ebola treatments? The Ebola crisis in West Africa has turned the spotlight back on pharma research organisations, who are responding in different ways. One firm says it is bringing a new approach to the table: computer algorithms.

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Inhaled drug to treat MRSA in cystic fibrosis patients US group Savara Pharmaceuticals has secured $10 million in financial backing to develop AeroVanc, the trade name of the first inhaled antibiotic designed to address the growing number of MRSA lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients.

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Solving the insoluble Dow Pharma has added to its Affinisol line of drug solubility enhancement products. The product range, which is designed to tackle insolubility in spray dried dispersion (SDD) and hot melt extrusion (HME) formulations now has two new additions.

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Actavis upgrades following triple volume growth Pharma group Actavis has upgraded and expanded its Malta facility to accommodate almost triple growth in volume in recent years. The firm worked with Extract Technology, a supplier of containment and aseptic systems.

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It’s no choke A recent survey commissioned by Hermes Pharma has highlighted some key issues surrounding swallowing difficulties with tablets and capsules. Hermes discusses the opportunities of capturing market share with user-friendly dosage forms.

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Generic medicines to stall Netherlands pharma growth GlobalData predicts that a government focus on generic drugs will inhibit growth for The Netherlands’ pharmaceutical market.

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Gerresheimer delving into emerging pharma trends Gerresheimer has forecast medium-term growth of 4-6%, with further plans to expand in the pharma sector and expand facilities in emerging markets.

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Cost-saving excipient to land by year-end Dow Pharma’s ‘Controlled Release Alliance’ with Colorcon is planning global commercial availability of its Methocel DC2 polymer by year end.

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Sanofi chooses partner for ‘peel, stick and click’ injectors Unilife Corporation has been chosen to act as the sole supplier of cartridge-based wearable injectors for all of Sanofi's applicable large dose volume drugs (excluding insulins).

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Polymer technology improves ready-to-use coatings Coating group Colorcon has confirmed that it will ramp up production of fully formulated ready-to-use pharmaceutical coatings. In order to grow the portfolio, it plans to use BASF’s immediate release coating polymer, known as Kollicoat IR.

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Europe and China – working together in pharma China’s pharmaceutical output has grown by 719% since 2000. Europe’s next steps in working with the country to shape the global landscape are crucial. Dave Gray looks at the latest efforts to establish ties.

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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Set to take place on 21st and 22nd January 2015, the 4th annual event in the sell-out Pharmaceutical Microbiology series will bring together all levels of industry professionals.

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Event: Pharmaceutical Microbiology 21-22 January 2015, London, UK.

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US group planning Irish pharma component plant US injectables group West Pharmaceutical Services has announced plans to open a new site in Waterford, Ireland. The facility will produce packaging components for insulin injector cartridges and high-value packaging.

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Put a lid on it Amcor Flexibles Global Pharma division has unveiled its new Primera lid foil at InnoPack Europe this week. A push-through foil, Primera uses a print primer that works with all current printing technologies and inks, says the group.

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Fermentation and Separation for the Food & Drug Industries Short Course Provide practical training in the field of cell culture, bioreactor operation, bioprocess paradigm, and separation technology Increase understanding of the industrial food & drug fermentation biotechnology through simulation, sterilization techn...

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Implantable drug delivery on the rise The global implantable drug delivery devices market will grow by 8.8% by 2018 according to a new report from Transparency Market Research.

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Innovation Wednesday: Masterflex Digital Process Drives Cole-Parmer provides our featured innovation this week, with a series of innovative enhancements to its Masterflex range of digital process drives.

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Social listening in healthcare: is it irresponsible? There’s a quietly emerging niche in the healthcare industry: social listening for marketable data. But is it moral? And is it safe?

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Almac announces UK expansion during CPhI Contract manufacturer Almac announced that it has expanded its UK commercial packaging facility, and now offers off-line ‘just-in-time’ blister printing.

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Parexel acquires British RTSM group Clinical research organisation Parexel International has acquired ClinIntel, a UK-based group specialised in clinical Randomisation and Trial Supply Management (RTSM).

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Bayer closes on Merck consumer care acquisition Bayer has completed the acquisition of the consumer care business of US pharma group Merck & Co.

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Reddy made Dr. Reddy's Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) explains the integration of highly potent drug substance and drug product manufacturing.

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Hypertension injection lands in the UK An injection which can help patients in hospitals and intensive care units with acute life-threatening hypertension has been made available in the UK for the first time.

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HEPA filter launches at TechnoPharm Filtration group AAF launched a new HEPA filter during this year’s TechnoPharm in Nuremburg, Germany.

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CPhI turns 25 today Happy birthday: As CPhI Worldwide prepares to open its doors in Paris next week, EPM will be looking back at some of the highlights of its 25 year history.

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Mobile technology: why pharma mustn’t ignore it Are pharma firms investing enough in their own websites? Will failure to offer mobile useability soon present major hurdles?

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Keep it clean Andrew Barrow of Cherwell Laboratories offers an insight into monitoring cleanrooms and reducing contamination risk.

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UK group to acquire Aesica Pharmaceuticals Consort Medical has announced that it has agreed terms to acquire Aesica Pharmaceuticals for £230 million.

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Contamination control practices: are you up to date? New guidelines aimed at raising standards of contamination control in the pharmaceutical industry mean that organisations may need to re-assess their current practices, according to supplier firm Ecolab Contamination Control.

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Asthma treatment getting personal A new report finds that the latest trials in asthma treatments herald a shift towards a personal, individual approach to therapy.

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Smaller outside, bigger inside Priorclave has developed a benchtop autoclave which, despite being designed for compactness, includes a 50% increase in chamber capacity.

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£1.5m pharma lab opens in the UK Lucideon has opened a new pharmaceutical quality control testing laboratory at its UK HQ in Stoke-on-Trent.

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Pressing matter Natoli Engineering has announced the release of its latest two tablet presses, the NP-RD20, an R&D style tablet press and the NP-155 rotary tablet press.

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GSK in China: time to crack down on Big Pharma? Online editor Dave Gray looks back on the conclusion of GSK's turbulence in China, and asks what impact this will have on pharma trading around the world.

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Mergers - how do we benefit? Stephen Archer of Spring Partnerships looks back on months of M&A buzz in the pharma community, and examines whether the industry really stands to benefit from corporate buyouts.

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Turning tables Teknomek, a supplier of hygienic stainless steel furniture and equipment, has broadened and updated its range of tables for better use in clean rooms.

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How the Eurozone crisis saved Spain’s pharma industry A new report on Spain’s pharmaceuticals industry claims that beyond the woes of the Eurozone crisis, the country’s pharma community has remained pragmatic – and in fact, is in stronger, more sustainable shape than it was pre-crisis.

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Point of view Aleksandra Jones outlines the importance of plastics in the production of ready-to-fill syringes

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Talking generically This month's Regulatory Affairs blog comes to us from Chetan Javia, ELC Group’s regulatory affairs expert in India.

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Sieving innovation tackles fine particles Lab equipment specialist Endecotts has developed a new system designed for sieving very fine, dry particles that require dispersion and deagglomeration (for example, electrostatic materials) using air-jet technology.

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GSK ‘drawing a line’ under China scandal GlaxoSmithKline has been handed a fine in China of £298.7m for bribing doctors. While the firm tries to repair damage, investigations into corrupt practices overseas continue.

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Lyophilisation to be worth over $500m by 2019 According to a newly published report, the lyophilisation market is projected to be worth $5,121.5 million by 2019.

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API production more sustainable through re-use of catalysts Germany-based startup group DexLeChem has developed what it describes as a sustainable method of developing and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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Foster Delivery Science to build facility for drug delivery polymers Foster Delivery Science will build a new facility to deal with demand for manufacturing drug delivery and implant polymer blends.

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