European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine - Equipment and Services to aid Drug Manufacture European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine is the only product tabloid-style publication in Europe covering the entire manufacturing supply chain and continues to uphold its reputation as a prime and trusted resource for the global industry. en-us © 2014 Rapid Life Sciences Ltd, a Rapid News Communications Group Company. All Rights Reserved. Tue, 23 Sep 2014 15:37:00 GMT Sieving innovation tackles fine particles Lab equipment specialist Endecotts has developed a new system designed for sieving very fine, dry particles that require dispersion and deagglomeration (for example, electrostatic materials) using air-jet technology.

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GSK ‘drawing a line’ under China scandal GlaxoSmithKline has been handed a fine in China of £298.7m for bribing doctors. While the firm tries to repair damage, investigations into corrupt practices overseas continue.

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Lyophilisation to be worth over $500m by 2019 According to a newly published report, the lyophilisation market is projected to be worth $5,121.5 million by 2019.

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API production more sustainable through re-use of catalysts Germany-based startup group DexLeChem has developed what it describes as a sustainable method of developing and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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Foster Delivery Science to build facility for drug delivery polymers Foster Delivery Science will build a new facility to deal with demand for manufacturing drug delivery and implant polymer blends.

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Bayer to float MaterialScience as separate business Bayer will float its MaterialScience business, which produces polymer materials, on the stock market as a separate company.

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Auxilium rejects ‘significantly undervalued’ Endo takeover Endo International’s bid to acquire Auxilium Pharmaceuticals last week has been rejected by the latter, according to news agency Reuters. Auxilium is said to have made the statement that the bid “significantly undervalues” the company.

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Alzheimer’s treatment trials gathering pace 700 Alzheimer's patients have now been recruited for TauRx's latest phase of clinical trials.

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Lilly and AstraZeneca to co-develop potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease AZD3293 is an oral beta secretase cleaving enzyme (BACE) inhibitor currently in development as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

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Functional properties Borealis and Borouge will promote their Bormed concept with a focus on the recently-launched innovative specialty polypropylene (PP) grades, Bormed SC876CF and Bormed HJ875MO.

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The rheumatoid arthritis drug market will grow to $18.2 billion in 2023 Growth will be driven by the uptake of oral Jak inhibitors and non-TNF-alpha biologics

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India envisages exports expansion in Latin American IBEF has announced the sustained collective efforts being made by the pharmaceutical industry and government for sustaining the export growth trajectory.

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One stop shop Norwich Pharma Services is a recognised leader in full-service contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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Pillow talk Sanner is expanding its portfolio with the new AdPack desiccant pillow packs for the protection of moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as tablets and capsules inside the packaging.

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Liquid measure GEKA Healthcare designs, develops and manufactures innovative systems for the precise, pure, hygienic and smooth application of liquid and semi-liquid drugs.

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Making the grade FeF Chemicals is a Novo Nordisk company specialising in the supply of ingredients for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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End-to-end support Vetter is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization that specializes in the aseptic filling of syringes, cartridges and vials.

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Smooth operator The Hermes Pharma stand will be abuzz with the findings of its survey to estimate the number of people suffering from difficulties swallowing tablets/capsules

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Quality counts For 40 years, Butterworth Laboratories has provided outsourcing solutions for quality control testing, method development and validation and stability storage and testing.

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Confidence boost Aesica, the global CDMO, provides finished dose and API services to leading pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology organisations.

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Perfectly packaged Nolato Medical Pharma Packaging is a specialist in developing and manufacturing container and closure systems.

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French connection Groupe Batteur, has five manufacturing sites located in Normandy and Brittany for contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

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Pure and simple Croda is a global player in specialty chemicals. An in-house proprietary flash chromatographic process is used to manufacture high purity super refined excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

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On target DuPont Nutrition & Health has added an efficient pharmaceutical excipient to the portfolio of ingredients.

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Designer label Denny Bros will be showcasing their products to the healthcare sector, in the labelling zone of InnoPack.

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A real Pro Aptar Pharma will unveil its Prohaler — the smart DPI for optimal patient compliance.

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In the bag Technoflex has developed a standard line of Inerta polypropylene sterile bags. Fitted with either one or two tubes, the bags are dedicated to aseptic filling.

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Identity parade B&W Tek says its 21 CFR Part 11-compliant NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometer is the ideal choice for nondestructive identification and verification of materials by non-technical users in the lab, warehouse, loading dock or field.

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Safe and secure Schreiner MediPharm has developed the security solution Flexi-Cap, which clearly shows when a primary container has been opened.

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Growing power Bertin Pharma, a pharmaceutical R&D contract service supplier and bioreagent supplier, has acquired a 1500m2 facility for the formulation and production of clinical batches of OTC drugs from Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France.

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Roquette fuel Roquette provides guidance to make the best possible use of excipients through the development process -– from the creation of prototypes to scale-up.

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Climate control New products include the ICH L climate chambers 260 and 750 which can be equipped with a second illumination unit, doubling the space for stability tests of pharmaceutics in accordance with standard ICH Q1B, option 2.

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Keeping it compact On show will be the FHM 1000 series for liquid filling operations and the laboratory device Solidlab

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Salt of the earth Dr Paul Lohmann provides high-purity mineral salts to the pharmaceutical sector with more than 350 products and more than 1000 qualities, designed to provide optimum performance across a range of applications.

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In hand Rigaku will be showcasing its new generation handheld Raman analyser for raw material identification (RMID).

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Galen signs exclusive deal in Europe Distribution, licence and supply agreement announced with Medical Developments International

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Global Inkjet Systems launches new range of ink system components The company has designed electronics and software for ink supply system control and offers optional additional support.

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Abcam announces appointment of new CEO and board change Alan Hirzel will succeed long-serving chief executive and co-founder of Abcam Jonathan Milner, who will continue to play an active role in the company as deputy chairman.

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Exova appoints Alison Clayton as GM of European pharmaceutical business Alison will be responsible for Exova’s Edinburgh and Camberley laboratories, utilising her operational experience, technical knowledge and solid understanding of the regulatory framework in which Exova’s customers operate.

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CleveXel Pharma partners with Guilin Pharmaceutical to develop two new anti-malarial products The purpose of the latest venture is to increase anti-malarial manufacturing across three active units. It includes an adult and pediatric formulation.

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The Product Journey An insight into design, sterilisation, testing, clinical trial and accreditation

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IAG Cargo and Exelsius to launch Good Distribution Practice Academy workshop By forming the Good Distribution Practice Academy, IAG Cargo and Exelsius are able to combine classroom training in the correct handling of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

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Pelo BioThermal — a new name in global cold chain Peli Products, Minnesota Thermal Science and Cool Logistics join forces to form a global temperature-controlled packaging division

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Veolia’s continued investment delivers innovative leading laboratory water purifiers With specific technologies to remove impurities and trace ions to below detectable limits, PURELAB Chorus can be customised to deliver water purity from Type III for general laboratory use to Type I or I+ for applications.

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Ario Pharma acquires PharmEste’s TRPA1 research assets New chemistry strengthens Ario Pharma’s existing TRPA1 asthma programme and reduces time to selection of new drug candidates.

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University of Toronto collaborates with Janssen and J & J Innovation Three-year agreement will support research on treatments for major brain disorders.

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Almac forms academia–industry collaboration to develop green chemicals A grant of £1 million is specifically targeted at bringing a novel chemical produced via an enzymatic route from under-utilised natural oil to the market.

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DELMIC and Phenom-World announce the world’s first fully integrated tabletop fluorescence and electron microscope. Delphi is a complete solution that makes it possible to do fast correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision.

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Richmond Pharmacology reached £100 million in cumulative sales in 2013 The company has received approval for 10% of all phase I clinical trials conducted in the UK, expanding its market share significantly in 2013.

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Molecular Profiles strengthen capsule capability The company can now offer liquid filling into capsules, complementing its existing powder and semi-solid capsule filling capability.

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