September 26, 2013


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    A leading event on pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting and protection has rebranded in a move to open up debate on the wider issues covering access to safe medicines in recognition of global concern for patient access to quality medicines. The new Global Forum on Access to Safe Medicines will stimulate debate and international analysis of case studies and current best practices in the realm of patient-focused solutions and is now calling for papers and case-study contributions covering this.

    Reconnaissance International’s new Forum (formerly the Global Forum on Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting and Diversion) will take place on 2–4 April 2014, at the London Hilton Metropole, London, UK. It will expand the scope of the fight against harmful, falsified and substandard medicines through the expertise and insight of international health agencies, non-governmental organisations, regulatory officials and patient safety advocates battling on the front lines in every region of the world.

    Together with anti-counterfeiting technology providers, pharmaceutical companies and health professionals, their participation will make the 2014 Forum one of the largest gatherings to focus on improved access to safe medicines.

    Now in its eleventh year, the revised Forum will provide a valuable meeting point for those involved in tackling counterfeit, diverted and other unsafe medicines and will feature a broader agenda than previously, covering issues surrounding international strategies and technologies on controlling drug counterfeiting, diversion, false labelling and copy-cat products, among other key issues. The role of major donor agency health programmes in many emerging markets will be central to these discussions as participants explore new ways to leverage partnerships aimed at successful health outcomes through delivery of safe medicines.

    Also on the agenda will be supply chain security, the safety of online medicines, legislative developments and policies, drug regulator (DRA) policies and implementation, NGA/third sector roles and capacity building and funding.

    The Forum’s drive to encourage greater collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry, drug enforcement agencies, customs and police, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, policy makers and patients will see suppliers of anti-counterfeiting services and technologies stepping-in to contribute to the debate about developing effective policies.  

    Ian M Lancaster of Reconnaissance International, Director of the Global Forum, said: “When we launched the Forum in 2002 it was appropriate to focus on the methods for preventing counterfeit medicines. Now though, the issues are wider but no less urgent. So, while anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion will be among the topics for the Global Forum, the agenda will deal with the bigger picture of access to safe meds.

    “This is an important change in focus from methods and technologies for fighting fake medicines to ensuring that patients get safe medicines. We’re putting the patient at the heart of the discussion.”

    Global Forum collaborating partner Woods International LLC, of Washington D.C., US, will also help to highlight the critical goal of converging international solutions that merge developed world and emerging market needs. Tom Woods pointed out that: “The Forum has become a significant focal point for the essential interaction between the public and private sectors as well as collaboration between more advanced economies and developing countries.”  

    Conference paper submissions are now open and the organiser is also welcoming other topics for inclusion in the programme. The accompanying exhibition will remain an important part of the event and this is also now open for registration. More at

    Reconnaissance International, +44 1932 785 680,,

    September 26, 2013

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