September 19, 2013

I Holland’s 7 Step PharmaCare process has been adopted as a standard operating procedure by many companies worldwide. It offers simple steps for maintaining punches and dies to help improve profitability by limiting tablet press downtime.

By adopting the 7 Step PharmaCare process and simply maintaining tools, rather than replacing them, companies can extend the life of their tablet tooling, without the expense of replacement.

Correct maintenance is critical in obtaining maximum life from punches and dies, with a high proportion of problems being traced to poor handling and maintenance procedures. The seven steps include clean, assess, repair, measure, polish, lubricate and store:

Step 1, Clean — An essential start to the process to ensure tooling is free from contamination.

Step 2, Assess — Following cleaning, punches and dies must be inspected to determine general condition.

Step 3, Repair — Rectify any damage to the tooling including any light corrosion and damage through polishing and repairing.

Step 4, Measure — This is essential after polishing and repair to ensure critical tooling dimension have stayed within tolerance.

Step 5, Polish — Automated polishing is recommended to ensure an even polish and consistent finish.

Step 6, Lubricate — This step is important to protect, preserve and aid the smooth operation of tooling in the tablet press.

Step 7, Store — The final step is important to protect and minimise damage of tooling. Correct storage facilitates good tooling management. It is recommended that specially designed storage cabinets are used.

I Holland’s video shows just how simple the 7 Step PharmaCare process is.

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September 19, 2013

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