February 19, 2014

The Model 440 CHN analyser from Exeter Analytical has become the system of choice for many CROs and service laboratories because of its ability to accurately analyse a wide range of sample types quickly, easily and reliably.

Operating across a wide linear range, the Model 440 is capable of routinely determining percentage carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen levels in almost any sample type, including organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, polymers and refractory, environmental or natural materials (soil, plants or insects).

The Model 440 benefits from a furnace design that prevents cross contamination and allows for the running of a greater number of samples between combustion tube changes.

Based upon a combined static/dynamic combustion technology, the Model 440 is able to precisely analyse a wide range of sample types from volatile to difficult to combust materials, including nitrides, graphite fibres, ceramics and even carbides with melting points of over 2,000˚C.

Offering outstanding operating accuracy and precision, the fully automated Model 440 delivers simultaneous CHN analysis in less than five minutes.

Low gas and reagent consumption combined with high reduction tube life allows the Model 440 to deliver some of the lowest operating costs of any CHN elemental analyser. Intuitive Windows-based operating software reduces human errors through incorporation of extensive automation, comprehensive customer help and diagnostic facilities. Most parts on the Model 440 are user replaceable, further reducing operating costs and downtime.

Exeter Analytical Inc., +1 978 251 1411, sales@eai1.com, www.eai1.com.

February 19, 2014

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