September 12, 2013

West Midlands based building temperature control systems specialist Jet Environmental has recently launched ‘Outsourced Air’, a new initiative in temperature and energy management.

Providing energy efficient temperature control solutions for large-volume industrial and commercial buildings, keeping occupants and temperature sensitive products at their optimum temperature, Jet Environmental’s new service aims to appeal to those companies that have a requirement for a temperature control system and would prefer to rent a system as an alternative to an outright purchase.

JET’s Managing Director Jason Hibbs said: “Introducing this new commercial option makes it easier for customers to enjoy the benefits of what we believe to be the best systems on the market supported by a package that incorporates maintenance, system performance reporting and proactive energy management. Following a simple commercial agreement, JET will provide a continuously optimised service for a fixed monthly fee as low as 50p/m³ per year.

“Outsourced Air is a hassle-free concept with two clear benefits: access to JET’s temperature control management expertise and ongoing support without the need for capital purchase funding. The interest in Outsourced Air to date has been significant, particularly on the back of a warm summer and in view of the continuing need for businesses to be prudent with available funds."

Established in 1981, Jet Environmental designs and manufactures systems comprising of a network of self-balanced air induction nozzles that direct warm, cool and fresh air into the space from roof level, providing uniform temperatures throughout a building space. The nozzles are connected via ductwork to an air handling unit and selected heating/cooling source. Jet’s systems are designed to capture and re-circulate any waste heat generated in the space and use free cooling techniques to lower the energy consumed in both heating and cooling modes.

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September 12, 2013

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