August 15, 2013

Logic TPS has announced the UK launch of DATA Detection Technologies’s ICU Series tablet counting machine range. Today, the majority of pharmaceutical companies rely on slat, vibratory or rotary wheel technologies. Although these machines differ from one another in their counting method and speed, the main similarity lays in the fact that each machine counts one tablet at a time.

Examining existing technology, DATA realised that the pharmaceutical solid dose packaging industry lacks a hi-tech tablet counter that can fully meet market needs. With this in mind, DATA developed the ICU tablet counter using advanced real-time image processing technology and implemented bulk tablet counting reportedly for the first time. DATA’s image processing technology employs wide track counting of multiple objects at once, eliminating the need for separating the tablets/capsules into individual lines before counting and enabling bulk counting with three times the output per footprint.

The bulk tablet counter consists of one to four modules, with a counting rate of 40–160 bpm. Each module includes a three-channel system, a wide channel (Gross) for bulk counting and two narrow channels (Fine) for count completion, resulting in 100% accuracy.

DATA’s ICU cGMP design has the counting unit positioned separately from the feeding channels, allowing constant visual monitoring of the objects throughout the counting process so there are no blind spots or problems with dust. Each module has lightweight, tool-free contact parts, enabling changeover in less than five minutes and fast and easy maintenance.

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August 15, 2013

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