September 17, 2013

Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has introduced two additions to the company’s comprehensive chromatography portfolio that further accelerate downstream purification.

Eshmuno A is a rigid, high capacity, acid and alkaline resistant Protein A affinity chromatography media for the purification of monoclonal antibodies and other Fc-containing proteins. Higher binding capacities offered by Eshmuno A media in comparison with other commercially available Protein A media delivers increased productivity and lower costs.

Eshmuno A media can be cleaned and sanitised under acid and/or alkaline conditions while maintaining high dynamic binding capacity at high flow rates with no significant change in product purity. In addition, the media offers an orthogonal solution for aggregate removal at both the front and tail ends of the elution peak from the Protein A column. This property of the Eshmuno A media is advantageous in reducing the burden of subsequent chromatography steps typically used in the purification of Fc-containing proteins.

“Optimising the particle size and pore size of the Eshmuno base matrix along with the immobilisation of our proprietary ligand enables a significant increase in dynamic binding capacity,” stated David Beattie, Ph.D., Head of Biopharm Process Solutions R&D, Merck Millipore. “This allows for higher loading of the Fc-containing protein being purified, maximising column throughput and improving process economics. The ability to increase capacity and throughput with the Eshmuno A media also allows our customers to more effectively process the high titers coming from upstream processing.”

Chromabolt prepacked, pre-validated chromatography columns, available with a range of Merck Millipore chromatography resins, are designed for early clinical stage manufacturing. Pre-validation indicates the columns meet bioburden, endotoxin, HETP and asymmetry specification for the resin. Offered in three sizes — 10, 20 and 32 cm i.d. — Chromabolt prepacked columns eliminate laborious packing and equipment cleaning. The columns are currently available packed with Fractogel SO3, Fractogel TMAE HiCap, and Eshmuno S resins. Going forward, additional resins will be made available in the Chromabolt format.

The prepacked columns are compatible with all currently available chromatography systems and connectors, have easily accessible inlets and outlets and offer faster setup times compared with traditional columns. Ergonomic and easily transportable by a single person, the 20 and 32 cm sizes are on wheels.

“Downstream processes must become faster, more lean and cost-effective,” noted Vin Donovan, Head of Biopharm Process Solutions business field, Merck Millipore. “With Chromabolt prepacked columns, we help customers accelerate pilot and early stage clinical scale manufacturing and lower their costs by eliminating manual packing and equipment cleaning.”

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September 17, 2013

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