July 31, 2013

A complimentary live webinar, hosted by Process Plant Computing Ltd (PPCL) on Wednesday 7 August 2013, will demonstrate the identification of optimal batch processes. Hosted across multiple time zones, the webinar will show techniques that enable new levels of process understanding of complex multi-phase and multi-stage batch processes.

Using Geometric Process Control (GPC) technology, process optimisation expert and world-renowned chemical engineer Dr. Robin Brooks will show how visualising process data in n-dimensions allows engineers to quickly gain previously hidden insights to improve batch processing and positively impact the bottom line.

Commenting ahead of the webinar, Dr. Brooks, Managing Director of PPCL, said: “The big benefit of GPC for batch processing is the resulting reduction of operational variability and more batches being right first time. This is especially important in producing colours, such as dyes, as it means fewer inventories of slightly off-spec batches waiting to be re-blended and less production time fixing the off-spec batch.”

Attendees will learn how GPC is delivering a tangible increase in overall production capacity and allowing businesses to commit to earlier delivery dates to gain competitive advantage and win more business.  By tightly controlling processes, organisations are able to prevent waste, reduce cycle time and lower energy consumption.  Brooks will also demonstrate how to leverage existing investments in process historians by extracting the best operating experience and define optimised operating envelopes.

Process Plant Computing Ltd (PPCL), +44 1753 893090, robin@ppcl.com, www.ppcl.com/webinars

July 31, 2013

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