August 19, 2013

Hosokawa Micron’s flexible compact isolator (FCI) glove box system is designed to meet the demand for cost-effective barrier containment by offering a one-man workstation that can be moved easily around the laboratory or process room depending upon the process applications. The plug-and-play operation means moving location is quick and easy, simply wheel the unit to where it is required.

The FCI is available in a range of canopy options, including rigid, semi-rigid or disposable designs that fit onto a stainless steel base unit. Customers may wish to have more than one canopy per base unit to further increase the unit’s flexibility in use. With a small 1 x 0.5 m footprint, the FCI makes it easy to have flexible barrier containment exactly where and when it is needed, even at space restricted, individual workstations.

Individual modules can be linked to create a pod system with individual activities contained in separate units. Multiple linked configurations can offer cost-effective operation for companies where the handling of hazardous powders is infrequent or when investment in a dedicated static isolator is not appropriate.

The FCI is ideally suited to companies involved in scientific research and biotechnology or pharmaceutical development and it ensures a high level of product and personnel protection across a range of product applications. One unit can be used for several different processes and the user-friendly ergonomic design has all round high visibility and independently tested to 1 µg/m3.

Various options of the FCI are available tailored to suit customer requirements, including air handling systems, CIP systems, filtration and rapid transfer ports, nitrogen inertion, flexible glove port configuration and hazardous area systems.

A specialist in contained processing, Hosokawa Micron is able to offer a range of processing and packing equipment specially engineered in miniature for use within the Hosokawa Micron FCI.

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August 19, 2013

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