November 11, 2013

When Bosch Packaging Technology added Manesty tablet presses to its portfolio in 2011, the company significantly enhanced its competences in process technology. The Manesty Xpress range of tablet presses fulfill the pharmaceutical industry’s needs for flexibility and safety as well as low investment and operation costs.

The Manesty Xpress product range from Bosch Packaging Technology consists of both single and double-sided rotary tablet presses as well as a WIP option, allowing for flexible tablet production of small, medium and large batch sizes. The double-sided Manesty Xpress 700 tablet press, for instance, manufactures up to one million tablets per hour and can be converted from single layer to double layer production within a very short time period. It features precise independent monitoring of each layer, special air jets to prevent cross contamination between layers and a clear demarcation line between the individual layers.

Manesty Xpress tablet presses feature an ergonomic design, short product changeover times, high product yield and OEE. The stepped cabinet design of the tablet presses offer complete separation of production and mechanical zones to not only help avoid product contamination but also protect maintenance staff. Fast and simple opening of both upper and lower pressure rolls ensures easy access to the compression zone and significantly reduces tool changing times. A newly developed combination of removable turret and exchangeable die plate offers fast changeover and easier cleaning. The compact footprint with integrated electrical and pneumatic control components results in less floor space and simplified equipment maintenance compared with other tablet press systems.

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November 11, 2013

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