August 14, 2013

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and regulatory agencies can now enhance the performance of the Thermo Scientific TruScan RM analyser by downloading the newest software update. In addition to improved speed, Thermo Fisher Scientific designed the software update to enable users to more effectively develop and validate robust methods for pharmaceutical manufacturing and counterfeit screening. This latest software version also includes feature enhancements for compliance with cGMP.

The TruScan RM is one of the world’s most widely-used handheld Raman analysers for the chemical composition of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products. “The ability to quickly and accurately analyse pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products greatly increases a pharmaceutical company’s productivity,” said Bob Brush, Business Development Manager, Portable Analytical Instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “This software update also makes counterfeit drug screening easier, enabling users to more effectively analyse samples for suspect medicines, reinforcing our commitment to helping identify and intercept counterfeit pharmaceuticals worldwide.”

The TruScan RM 2.5 software update includes the following enhancements from the previous version:

• improved data collection for more robust methods

• new features for GMP compliance

• improved performance over previous software versions

• rapid data import/export capability

• optional expert mode to further analyse spectroscopic data.

TruScan RM weighs less than a kilogramme, is designed to be easy to use and to offer clear pass/fail results, making Raman analysis more widely accessible.

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August 14, 2013

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