September 2, 2013

A number of desirable benefits over the traditional split butterfly valve offered by the Ezi-Flow CSV transfer system from UK-based Ezi-Dock are proving popular with pharma manufacturers throughout the world. Within just three years of its launch, the Ezi-Flow CSV is in its third generation and a remarkable 11 of the top 12 pharmaceutical companies worldwide are using Ezi-Flow CSV within their operations.

“In our opinion, traditional contained transfer systems are far from satisfactory,” explained Ezi-Dock MD Steve McAleavy. “Split butterfly valves require lengthy, cumbersome and potentially hazardous cleaning, and newer single-use systems often deliver inadequate levels of containment at high cost and involve long lead times for systems and consumables. Our Ezi-Flow system was designed from the ground up to avoid all these problems, offering much higher levels of containment, lower cost and trouble-free supply.”

Key features of the Ezi-Flow system proved popular from the outset. Ezi-Flow offers a full-bore for faster and easier discharge and is available in both four and six inch formats. Both the passive connection and the charge bag are disposable, drastically reducing or removing the need for cleaning and revalidation.

Attractively, the Ezi-Flow system is at least four to five times less expensive than equivalent split valve equipment. The cost of consumables, which use anti-static materials as standard, is around 40% less than is common in the industry, and the CSV Mk 3, which is even simpler to operate, is totally liquid tight, allowing safe and easy flushing or the trouble-free addition of liquids.

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September 2, 2013

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