February 12, 2014

The Stäubli Connectors Division has introduced a new range of stainless steel, full flow fluid connectors that are suitable for applications where cleanliness is paramount. They are capable of being cleaned to the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, medical and food sectors.

UPA connectors are suitable for all fluids and are ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries where frequent cleaning is required. The stainless steel body of the connector provides excellent corrosion resistance and is finished to a high standard with a surface texture of Ra 0.8 in the fluid stream, allowing for easy and efficient cleaning. Seals can also be replaced quickly and easily, minimising any disruption to production. The connectors comply fully with the FDA and USP Class VI requirements for the agri-foods and pharmaceutical industries.

Safety has been designed into the connector with two simultaneous opposing movements (pushing the plug into the socket while pulling back on the locking ring) being necessary to disconnect. This eliminates any chance of accidental disconnection; the socket cannot be disconnected simply by pulling on the locking ring or hose.

UPB connectors feature a robust automatic locking system using multiple ball bearings, ensuring strength and long-term reliability. Made entirely from stainless steel, the connectors perform well under high pressure and are capable of withstanding up to 20 bar. Automatic connection makes this connector very easy to use while the optional safety pin prevents accidental disconnection. Similar to the UPA connector, the finish is to a high standard (Ra 0.8 in the fluid stream) and complies fully with FDA and USP Class VI standards.

UPC stainless steel connectors are designed for sampling applications and loading, unloading, filling and drainage of process equipment in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.

The design eliminates any retention areas in the bore, allowing the connectors to be cleaned or sterilised efficiently. Seals can be easily removed and replaced. A bayonet locking system provides safe and reliable connection.

Stäubli stainless steel connectors have a wide range of applications across the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries. Their design makes them ideal for the tasks where cleanliness is paramount and their safety features ensure that any chance of accidental disconnection is eliminated.

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February 12, 2014

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