Good or bad there’s no doubt the invention of gunpowder changed history. With bonfire night a whizz and a bang away, here are some chemicals from the pharmaceutical world that also changed history more

5 Nov 2015 15:37 Opinion

Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget statement has been welcomed on behalf of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry by chief executive of the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) Steve Elliott. more

9 Jul 2015 14:49 News

A grant of £1 million is specifically targeted at bringing a novel chemical produced via an enzymatic route from under-utilised natural oil to the market. more

10 Sep 2014 12:16

Over the last few months, Faubel has expanded its product portfolio with a new instant access index label, a damage resistant synthetic label, a child resistant and senior friendly (CRSF) label and tamper proof blinding solutions... more

17 Apr 2014 09:58 Technology

Rigaku Raman Technologies has introduced its next generation handheld analyser, the Rigaku Progeny, designed to deliver comprehensive and accurate materials identification, improved ease-of-use, adaptability and reliability. At Progeny’s core is... more

16 Apr 2014 15:35 Technology

Flexicon is now offering its FLEXI-DISC line of tubular cable conveyors for fragile materials, designed to integrate with upstream and/or downstream equipment that sources material from single or multiple locations and delivers it selectively to... more

14 Apr 2014 17:18 Technology

Dec Group provides high quality solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. This includes a wide range of patented products that enhance safety, hygiene, containment, reliability and productivity. more

23 Jan 2014 15:48 Technology

The German subsidiary of Dec Group, Dec Deutschland GmbH, relocated its existing operations from Ingolstadt to Max-Knöferl-Str. 6, 85290, Geisenfeld, Germany, on 1 January 2014. more

16 Jan 2014 09:20 Technology

DuPont is introducing a Tychem coverall that provides a new alternative for workers seeking safe and comfortable protection in more demanding applications. Tychem 4000 S, made from DuPont Tyvek laminated with a chemical barrier film, presents... more

4 Dec 2013 15:55 Technology

This winter marks the market launch of the new Tyvek 800 J coverall by DuPont, a specialist in body protection. The garment, based on the barrier performance of Tyvek, uses proprietary technology to combine oil repellency and durable protection... more

15 Nov 2013 15:57 Technology

The Thinky ARE-500 mixer from Intertronics is a high-performance, industrial, non-contact planetary mixer that is suitable for all engineering compounds — liquids, pastes and powders. It mixes, disperses and degasses materials in seconds to... more

12 Nov 2013 13:56 Technology

Speciality chemical distributor Azelis has partnered with JH Nanhang (JHNH) and signed an exclusive agreement to supply its range of polyvinylpyrolidones (PVPs) for all pharmaceutical applications across Europe, Turkey, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco... more

22 Oct 2013 08:57 Technology

The Dow Chemical Company continues to be a differentiated technology solutions provider in the healthcare and medical markets sectors, collaborating closely with customers at all points of the value chain to address current and future market... more

16 Oct 2013 14:18 News

The Board of the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG) announces that the 6th EFCG Annual Dinner will be held on 23 October 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, at The InterContinental Hotel. more

12 Aug 2013 11:40 News

Extensive scientific research by 3M has led to a reportedly groundbreaking development in safety eyewear and the launch of a new product range ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical workers. more

30 Jul 2013 14:17 Technology

Astech Projects celebrates its eighteenth anniversary on 18 July 2013. The company was started with the founders’ vision to be ‘recognised as one of the world’s best’ in the design and supply of custom robotics and automation for use in advanced... more

10 Jul 2013 14:38 Technology

As part of its multi-million pound investment to extend and upgrade its Top Tier COMAH Euroterminal warehouse at Trafford Park in Manchester, UK, Norbert Dentressangle has successfully secured a Wholesalers License from the MHRA. more

19 Jun 2013 15:42 Technology

3M is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its best-selling E-A-R brand Classic Hearing Protector with a new educational microsite, Discovery Kits and free prize draw. more

17 Jun 2013 16:50 Technology

In industries such as pharmaceuticals, keeping products or processes clean and uncontaminated is crucial. Also, personal protection from hazardous substances requires an effective defence against biological and particulate substances. more

13 Jun 2013 16:47 Technology