Containment solutions for OSD are primarily concerned with the safety of those involved in producing life-saving medication — the operators. Marcus Behrens, vice president Sales Pharma Solid, Bosch Packaging Technology, goes into more detail… more

20 Dec 2017 09:00 Opinion

The containment industry is evolving – are you? Asks the Dec Group Realising the desired levels of containment to minimise operator exposure while protecting sterile products is a complex process in which nothing can be left to chance. more

12 Oct 2016 16:45 News

According to Extract Technology there are five questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a high potency containment system more

7 Oct 2015 00:00 Opinion

GEA and Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd (HPL) have struck a €4 million deal for GEA to deliver a fully contained solution for potent oral solid dosage form production. more

24 Jul 2015 16:02 News

On 28 April 2015, Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) welcomed a visit from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Erica Kemp CBE. more

8 May 2015 10:44 News

Solo Containment reveals the expertise behind its engineered acrylic containment system. more

23 Feb 2015 15:17 Technology

Established in the UK since 1989 as a high containment specialist, at least 90% of Powder Systems Ltd’s (PSL’s) business is now overseas. To meet this demand, the company has launched the PSL Plus scheme for international partnerships. more

25 Mar 2014 15:29 Technology

ChargePoint Technology has launched a containment valve that addresses the issue of containment differently to the company’s other patented split valves. more

4 Mar 2014 16:45 Technology

On a mission to increase its number of global offices, agents and distributors to aid the smooth distribution of filtration, drying, sterile production and high containment solutions to any part of the world, PSL (Powder Systems Ltd) has announced... more

27 Feb 2014 17:44 Technology

Extract Technology is becoming a recognised name in cell therapy isolators. The company has recently supplied a multi-chamber cell therapy isolator to a research and manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. more

21 Feb 2014 15:49 Technology

A brief history of bringing to market a hugely successful containment transfer system

Ezi-Dock Systems in Kirby in Ashfield, Nottingham, UK, specialises in the provision of liquid- and dust-free powder transfer and handling solutions. I visited Ezi-Dock’s managing director Steve McAleavy to learn about company’s origins and the... more

31 Jan 2014 15:09 Editor's Blog 1 Comments

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Penn Pharma has reached a significant safety milestone this month, operating for three years without experiencing a reportable accident at its facility in Gwent, South Wales, UK. The new contained manufacturing facility... more

27 Jan 2014 09:48 Technology

Aseptic filling of sterile drugs remains one of the most challenging processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The increased potency of sterile products requires evaluating the manufacturing process from two different angles: the high... more

24 Jan 2014 10:35 Technology

Dec Group provides high quality solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. This includes a wide range of patented products that enhance safety, hygiene, containment, reliability and productivity. more

23 Jan 2014 15:48 Technology

At this year’s INTERPHEX, Mouvex, part of Pump Solutions Group, will feature its hygienic SLS Series eccentric disc pumps, which have been specifically engineered for use in a wide array of pumping applications that require extremely hygienic... more

23 Jan 2014 12:57 Technology

Malcolm Cunningham, a specialist in containment and powder transfer with over 25 years' experience in this field, joins ChargePoint Technology as its new Business Development Manager to increase the business in Northern and Southern Europe. more

20 Jan 2014 14:04 Technology

The German subsidiary of Dec Group, Dec Deutschland GmbH, relocated its existing operations from Ingolstadt to Max-Knöferl-Str. 6, 85290, Geisenfeld, Germany, on 1 January 2014. more

16 Jan 2014 09:20 Technology

F.P.S. Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of fine size reduction machines and containment solutions for sterile and highly... more

7 Jan 2014 16:16 Technology

The Bosch GKF HiProTect capsule filling machine completely isolates researchers and manufacturers from active substances during operation, maintenance and cleaning. The technology allows a variety of sizes and product types to be produced. more

15 Nov 2013 10:51 Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology has delivered its first FXS 3100 nested syringe filling line to Italy. IBSA Farmaceutici Italia purchased the line to improve its aseptic prefilled syringe operations in Lodi. more

11 Nov 2013 15:56 Technology