gene editing

A collaboration has been announced between gene editing and gene modulation tech company, Horizon Discovery, and a global pharma partner for the co-development and application of a novel CRISPR-based screening technology platform. Read more


According to poll results from Pew Research Center, the American public is accepting of gene editing in animals that could benefit human health, potentially removing a barrier to research, as noted by a pharma analyst at GlobalData. Read more


A partnership has been formed between Horizon Discovery Group and The Pirbright Institute to cover collaborative work on a research programme aimed at deploying cell engineering to increase vaccine yields for livestock. Read more


Horizon Discovery Group, gene editing and modulation technologies company, has entered into a non-exclusive out-licensing agreement with a US-based immune-oncology therapeutics developer. Read more


Horizon Discovery Group has extended its pre-existing non-exclusive, worldwide licence agreement with ERS Genomics to expand its coverage for the use of CRISPR gene editing technology. Read more


Dr Emmanuelle Charpentier, Dr J. Keith Joung, and Dr Feng Zhang join Horizon’s panel of expert gene editing advisors. Read more