injection pens

According to a recent clinical trial performed by Nemaura Pharma on type 1 diabetic patients, its Memspatch Insulin Micro-needle Device (IMD) may offer relief to patients with a fear of needles and injections. more

19 May 2017 12:12 News

Unilife Corporation has been chosen to act as the sole supplier of cartridge-based wearable injectors for all of Sanofi's applicable large dose volume drugs (excluding insulins). more

13 Oct 2014 15:39 Technology

Phillips-Medisize has signed a supply agreement for insulin pen components with Sanofi, a leader for diabetes treatment. As a result, injection pen component production at the plant in Kontiolahti, Finland, has been expanded with an automated... more

4 Feb 2014 09:31 Technology

Phillips-Medisize Corporation has announced the start of production and completion of the 6,000 m2 expansion to its Kontiolahti, Finland site. Production has already begun and will continue to ramp up on several new programmes before the first of... more

9 Dec 2013 15:44 Technology

Pen injectors and autoinjectors from SHL Medical improve patients’ personal flexibility. The product design plays an important role in these developments. On the one hand, it increases ease of use, and on the other hand, an attractive design... more

29 Oct 2013 12:43 Technology

Phillips-Medisize has announced a 6,000 m2 expansion to its Kontiolahti, Finland site, which focuses on the production of complex drug delivery devices such as inhalers, injection pens and safety syringes. more

14 Feb 2013 15:07 Technology