Global drug discovery and development services company, Crown Bioscience, has been selected as a strategic partner by Phanes Therapeutics to accelerate the discovery and development of novel oncology agents. more

14 Mar 2018 12:02 News

Roche has revealed it will acquire healthcare technology and services company, Flatiron Health, in an agreement that will see the companies leverage their respective expertise to advance industry-wide development and delivery of oncology medicines. more

19 Feb 2018 12:33 News

Two CE-marked IVD liquid biopsy tests have been launched by molecular diagnostics company, Biocartis Group. — the Idylla ctKRAS Mutation Test and the Idylla ctNRAS-BRAF Mutation Test. more

27 Nov 2017 11:36 Technology

Russian biotechnology company, BIOCAD, has revealed plans to enter the European market with oncological and autoimmune medicines. more

31 Oct 2017 10:45 News

A retrospective cohort study has found no conclusive evidence that most oncology treatments approved for use by the EMA offered survival or quality of life benefits to patients, giving rise to calls for an increase in the evidence bar. more

6 Oct 2017 12:34 News

An integrated oncology platform from Crown Bioscience has helped to advance the preclinical development of a HERA-GITRL immunotherapy from Apogenix for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and head and neck cancer. more

14 Sep 2017 12:13 Technology

Following disappointing announcements this week concerning the unmet primary endpoints of their Phase III trials, Merck and AstraZeneca have today revealed they are entering a strategic oncology collaboration. more

27 Jul 2017 11:50 News

The Lead Discovery Center (LDC), Max Planck Innovation and SOTIO have signed a collaboration and licence agreement providing SOTIO with exclusive rights to an oncology programme addressing a novel target in tumour metabolism. more

12 Apr 2017 10:54 News

Scientists and staff from academic research institutes and the pharma industry will be able to be informed on the latest trends and challenges within the field of oncology at the Sartorius Research Xchange Forum 2017. more

29 Nov 2016 16:40 News

Novartis has announced a strategic alliance and licensing agreement with Surface Oncology to grow its immune-oncology pipeline more

11 Jan 2016 11:52 News

Sanofi is extending its existing collaboration with Warp Drive Bio to discover novel oncology therapeutics and antibiotics more

11 Jan 2016 10:13 News

Array BioPharma and Pierre Fabre have announced a collaboration to globally develop and commercialise Array's late-stage novel oncology products, binimetinib and encorafenib more

3 Dec 2015 10:46 News

Catalent has signed an exclusive licencing agreement to access Excelimmune's antibody combination therapy technology platform, which has the potential to pave the way for more consistent, cost-effective production of antibody combinations. more

7 Jul 2015 15:59 News

Regulatory affairs services provider ELC Group is expanding into the pharmaceutical development market with the creation of an extensive product portfolio targeting a range of therapeutic areas. more

11 Jun 2015 12:00 News

The Institut Curie oncology research centre in Paris, France, has standardised on using MEDIACLAVE media preparation and MEDIAJET automated petri dish filling systems from INTEGRA Biosciences to prepare its petri dishes. more

9 Jun 2015 09:00 Technology

Medtech company ANGLE has apopointed James Reuben, PhD, MBA, as a Scientific Advisor to the company with immediate effect. more

3 Jun 2015 10:41 News

Advanced melanoma patients have been given new hope as an international trial has shown that a combination of the drugs iplimumab and nivolumab could shrink tumours in around 60% of cases. more

1 Jun 2015 09:26 News

Cancer researchers and immunologists at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have now discovered how cancer cells can infiltrate the lymphatic system by ‘disguising’ themselves as immune cells. more

14 May 2015 09:47 News

Mundipharma’s network of independent associated companies has been extended to form a new company called Mundipharma EDO (Early Development in Oncology) with the purpose of building a robust and sustainable pipeline in oncology. more

2 Jul 2014 11:19

New addition: Mundipharma’s network of independent associated companies has been extended to form a new company called Mundipharma EDO. more

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