Tablet compression tooling manufacturer Natoli has announced that it is expanding its European presence with a launch of its newest business division, Natoli International. Read more


Clinical trials specialist Synexus has opened an additional three dedicated research centres in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, bringing the total to nine centres in Eastern Europe and 25 across Europe and Africa. Read more


The polish manufacturer, Polpharma, is researching biosimilar drugs and is borrowing EUR 45m from The European Investment Bank (EIB) to develop them. Read more


The report explores one of Europe's largest pharma markets, and looks at the delicate balance between a strong and growing economy, and healthcare legislation that many complain is negatively affecting the pharmaceutical market. Read more

CI Precision has secured orders for its new SADE SP440 tablet and capsule weight sorter from clients around the world, including the US, Brazil, Australia and Poland. Read more