Powder Systems Ltd (PSL)

Sylvain Querol (MEng), tendering manager, Europe, at Powder Systems Limited on how to achieve high containment for HPAPI small-scale production. more

27 Dec 2016 09:00 News

International team at PSL receive official recognition for hard work and innovation. more

10 Oct 2016 16:15 News

On 28 April 2015, Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) welcomed a visit from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Erica Kemp CBE. more

8 May 2015 10:44 News

Established in the UK since 1989 as a high containment specialist, at least 90% of Powder Systems Ltd’s (PSL’s) business is now overseas. To meet this demand, the company has launched the PSL Plus scheme for international partnerships. more

25 Mar 2014 15:29 Technology

On a mission to increase its number of global offices, agents and distributors to aid the smooth distribution of filtration, drying, sterile production and high containment solutions to any part of the world, PSL (Powder Systems Ltd) has announced... more

27 Feb 2014 17:44 Technology

Aseptic filling of sterile drugs remains one of the most challenging processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The increased potency of sterile products requires evaluating the manufacturing process from two different angles: the high... more

24 Jan 2014 10:35 Technology

How can new technology improve the productivity of the microsphere formulation process? Powder Systems Limited (PSL) is hosting a free webinar presenting new technologies and process solutions for microsphere formulation on 13 February 2014. more

17 Jan 2014 15:39 Technology

PSL has won the award for Best Pharmaceutical Production Technology Provider part of the Asian Manufacturing Awards 2013. This award recognises their work in the region and PSL’s commitment to grow their business in this developing region. more

25 Oct 2013 12:41 Technology

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) recently delivered a high containment installation and will start the manufacturing of a range of isolators, both projects for Spain. more

14 Aug 2013 15:15 Technology

Microspheres are small spherical particles, having a required size range (typically 5 up to 250 μm). These particles can be manufactured from various natural and synthetic materials such as polymer microspheres. New applications for microspheres... more

20 Jun 2013 15:48 Technology

As a simplified alternative to more complex and costly technologies, the simplefilter is designed for many pharmaceutical and chemical applications such as hydrogenation, carbon filtration, catalyst recovery, pre-filter for microfiltration, APIs... more

7 May 2013 16:12 Technology

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) will be exhibiting its filtration, drying and high containment solutions at POWTECH 2013, 23–25 April, Nuremberg, Germany, Hall 6, Stand 439. more

13 Feb 2013 15:41 Technology

Given the trend for ever increasing potency of pharmaceutical powders, project engineers are continually faced with the challenge of upgrading the containment of their charging process to a new or existing reactor. more

12 Feb 2013 14:41 Technology

Powder Systems Ltd is supporting Helsinn Advanced Synthesis SA’s expansion into the cytotoxic market with its recently installed clinical trial isolator. more

17 Dec 2012 17:13 Technology