The QCS 150 Pass-Through autoclave is the latest and smallest double-door autoclave to be introduced by Priorclave. more

18 Aug 2015 10:10

Priorclave has developed a benchtop autoclave which, despite being designed for compactness, includes a 50% increase in chamber capacity. more

26 Sep 2014 15:36 Technology

This front-loading autoclave offers a large sterilising chamber, yet requires a relatively small footprint. more

20 Aug 2014 10:48 Technology

Autoclave specialist Priorclave has appointed Brennan & Company as its southern Ireland agent with responsibility for sales of its complete range of laboratory autoclaves. Lee Oakley, Sales Director of Priorclave, is delighted with the new... more

6 Jan 2014 15:54 Technology

For laboratories looking to acquire a high capacity, front loading cylindrical chamber autoclave with an exceptional pack density at a more affordable price, a new 500 l steam steriliser being launched by Priorclave is an ideal solution. more

31 Oct 2013 11:59 Technology

The feature packed C40 benchtop autoclave available from Priorclave, at an affordable price and supported by a superb extended warranty, gives long-term peace of mind of assured performance and reliability. more

19 Sep 2013 16:43 Technology

The perfect solution for laboratories that sterilise large bulky items or have a high throughput is a high capacity rectangular chamber autoclave but if laboratory space is limited, conventional chamber door swing can be a problem. Priorclave has... more

29 Aug 2013 15:29 Technology