Biotechnology company Fluidic Analytics has raised $31 million to help it develop products that could provide insight into the way diseases develop. Read more


Scientists at the University of Washington (UW) have designed mini-protein binders on a computer platform, which are not naturally occurring and may potentially be possible drug candidates. Read more


Developer of next-gen therapeutics, Greenovation, has increased the yields of pharmaceutical proteins produced using Its moss-based ByroTechnology. Read more


Amrita Banerjee, post-doctoral scholar, University of California Santa Barbara talks oral insulin and needle-free delivery of protein Read more


Scientists have identified that glucose fuels the growth of cancer. The particular protein that fuels this growth is PARP14. They hope to create a drug which inhibits PARP 14, starves the cancerous cells and, in the future, can be used to cure cancer Read more

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Orla Protein Technologies has developed an efficient means of determining the optimum protein surface required for different cell culture applications and research tasks. Read more


The search engine is a powerful clone, antibody and protein products search and buying tool, which gives researchers easy access to millions of products Read more


A study has been published outlining the simultaneous measurement of protein charge and diffusion interaction parameter (kD) Read more