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Martin Goldman, Chief Medical Officer, Iatros Consulting working with Orbital Media, offers a view on a new way of collecting real world data through social media Read more


Research from marketing agency Five by Five has revealed that social media is considered the most important aspect of marketing when new healthcare products or services are launched. Read more



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It’s no secret that big pharma is ‘listening’ to patients on social media. Now, a new study reveals what’s actually being said. Read more


In the last five years the pharma sector has finally become socially connected - we’ve hand-picked 10 of the most important social media accounts and groups to connect with, no matter whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a regular tweeter Read more


Social listening in healthcare: is it irresponsible?

There’s a quietly emerging niche in the healthcare industry: social listening for marketable data. But is it moral? And is it safe? Read more

7 Oct 2014 16:56 Editor's Blog