With the increased amount of biological products coming to the market, new practices to provide greater assurance on pharmaceutical sterilisation processes are necessary. more

3 May 2017 14:55 Opinion

How sterilisation tests provide important information on pharmaceuticals, packaging and product safety – by Isa Alkan, sales director, Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik more

2 Dec 2016 15:00 News

Two leaders in packaging and serialisation technology enter into global agreement more

22 Sep 2016 12:20 News

Noxilizer’s Evan Goulet and Stephen Morley outline the advantages that nitrogen dioxide (NO2) technology is able to provide over more traditional methods in the sterilisation of prefilled syringes more

22 Oct 2015 16:41 , Opinion

Sylvie Ponlot, Technoflex Autoclave says terminal sterilisation is essential for the safety of patients and does not allow the slightest error more

31 Jul 2014 14:59 Technology

Clean & clear: Noxilizer says it’s high time to rethink an innovate in sterilisation and explains why its nitrogen dioxide technology supports bio-pharma changes more

31 Jul 2014 14:44 Technology

Olivier Mazille, product manager, Merck Millipore, chats to EPM about the company’s sterility testing expertise more

31 Jul 2014 14:35 Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology presented a new series of tunnels at Interpack more

16 Jun 2014 14:38 Technology

Modern elastomer formulations from West meet these requirements. To maintain cleanliness and physical functionality, component preparation steps such as sterilisation and drying require well-controlled processes. more

19 Mar 2014 12:46 Technology

Focusing on validation at the outset of medical product development will help avoid delays and frustration in trying to get these products to market, experts warn. The importance of factoring in validation requirements at the start of the... more

14 Feb 2014 11:25 Technology

Noxilizer — the company advancing a room temperature, NO2-based sterilisation process for life science manufacturers — has appointed Stephen Morley as Vice President, European Sales and Service, Noxilizer Ltd, the newly established entity for... more

22 Jan 2014 12:44 Technology

Autoclave specialist Priorclave has appointed Brennan & Company as its southern Ireland agent with responsibility for sales of its complete range of laboratory autoclaves. Lee Oakley, Sales Director of Priorclave, is delighted with the new... more

6 Jan 2014 15:54 Technology

Autoclaves are widely used to sterilise equipment with high pressure saturated steam at temperatures of 121˚C or more. These conditions can be maintained for 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the size of the system load and the contents. more

10 Dec 2013 11:40 Technology

In August 2013, the German edition of EN ISO 20857:2013 on the development, validation and control of the sterilisation of medical products with dry heat was published. The Memmert hot air steriliser S range meets the requirements of the standard... more

29 Nov 2013 14:44 Technology

For laboratories looking to acquire a high capacity, front loading cylindrical chamber autoclave with an exceptional pack density at a more affordable price, a new 500 l steam steriliser being launched by Priorclave is an ideal solution. more

31 Oct 2013 11:59 Technology

Astell’s Duaclave is a space-saving development in sterilisation technology. It comprises two independently functioning autoclave chambers, one above the other, in a single frame, thus providing twice the sterilising capacity within the smallest... more

4 Oct 2013 15:41 Technology

Data acquisition and logging of laboratory equipment cycle data is becoming increasingly important for many laboratories and institutions. LTE Scientific’s Touchclave-Lab autoclave range addresses this issue in a number of ways. more

4 Oct 2013 13:06 Technology

The feature packed C40 benchtop autoclave available from Priorclave, at an affordable price and supported by a superb extended warranty, gives long-term peace of mind of assured performance and reliability. more

19 Sep 2013 16:43 Technology

The perfect solution for laboratories that sterilise large bulky items or have a high throughput is a high capacity rectangular chamber autoclave but if laboratory space is limited, conventional chamber door swing can be a problem. Priorclave has... more

29 Aug 2013 15:29 Technology

Astell Scientific has announced the opening of its US subsidiary, Astell Inc, in Charlotte, North Carolina. With Astell Scientific in the UK currently having great success exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide, the company is confident... more

18 Apr 2013 10:06 Technology