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In this case study, a variety of challenges encountered when producing a stimulant laxative in the form of a 5 mm round tablet are addressed. more

27 Dec 2017 09:00 Opinion

Tabletting specialists, I Holland, will be hosting a solutions-led seminar looking at the resolution of common issues found in tablet production at the beginning of November. more

11 Oct 2017 12:44 News

Tablet tooling manufacturer I Holland has extended its PharmaCote range of tool coatings by launching PharmaCote EC-xtra. more

15 Feb 2017 14:20 News

With the company having marked 70 years in business, EPM sits down with I Holland’s sales and marketing director, Javier Raposo, to find out the secrets to long-term success in the pharma sector more

15 Feb 2017 09:50 News

Tablet tooling manufacturer I Holland will be hosting its first live webinar of the year on 2 March. more

3 Feb 2017 11:15 News

Global technology company, Siemens AG, and supplier for the food processing industry, GEA, have announced a partnership in an attempt to bring continuous manufacturing to the pharma and life sciences industry. more

13 Jan 2017 11:00 News

Tim Freeman, managing director, Freeman Technology on how to optimise granulation using real-time analysis more

12 Jan 2017 14:25 News

Experts in tabletting science I Holland have announced it will host a seminar in Nottingham, entitled ‘Troubleshooting in Tablet Tooling’ on 10-11 November. more

14 Oct 2016 15:35 News

Global producer of calcium carbonate sets up laboratory for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications more

20 Apr 2016 11:49 News

Jörg Gierds, Fette Compacting looks at the rising demands on tablet presses for highly potent agents and explains how efficiency can be achieved through seamless containment more

22 Oct 2015 08:46 Opinion

Natoli Engineering has announced the release of its latest two tablet presses, the NP-RD20, an R&D style tablet press and the NP-155 rotary tablet press. more

26 Sep 2014 13:29 Technology

The Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge in pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulation and engineering. more

10 Sep 2014 11:07

Since its establishment in 1954, Elizabeth has grown to become a global supplier of compression tooling, rotary tabletting services and blister packaging tooling/feeding solutions. The company’s range of technologies encompasses Elizabeth Carbide... more

15 May 2014 11:28 Technology

Bosch Packaging Technology will present the new Manesty TPR 500 tablet press — equipped with die table, torque drive and tablet discharge chute as well as intuitive HMI — at this year’s interpack. more

24 Apr 2014 16:27 Technology

TSAR Predict service solves age-old 'sticking' conundrum in hours

It is a year since I first spoke to I Holland Ltd’s research, development & quality systems manager Rob Blanchard about I Holland and the University of Nottingham’s School of Pharmacy’s TSAR (Tabletting Science and Anti-Stick Research) project... more

22 Apr 2014 13:08 Editor's Blog

I Holland has introduced the new service TSAR Predict, which will put an end to time-consuming and expensive field trials by offering a solution to stop tablet tooling sticking problems. more

3 Feb 2014 15:07 Technology

Using Pmax segment turrets with FS12 punches, customers are able to increase the output quantity of the tabletting process by up to 40% in the same production time. The Pmax segment turret is available with 45, 66 and 110 stations for the... more

24 Jan 2014 12:38 Technology

Natoli Engineering Company has introduced a secure and efficient way to store and transport die segments. The die segment storage box features rugged construction with foam inserts and outside clips to keep die segments secure. With foam inserts... more

24 Jan 2014 11:50 Technology

Tablet compression tooling, presses, accessories and services provider Natoli Engineering Company will be exhibiting at INTERPHEX. Visitors are invited to check out Natoli’s display of high-quality tablet tooling, die segments, parts and more. more

24 Jan 2014 09:49 Technology

Designed to offer advice and expertise on tabletting problems, global tablet tooling specialist I Holland will host the webinar ‘Solving your Sticking Problems with Tableting Science’ on 6 February 2014. more

9 Jan 2014 15:17 Technology