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The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is collaborating with UK universities to develop new research and testing capabilities in an effort to advance the manufacture of next generation liquid formulated products. Read more

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A synthetic chemical (KHS101) has been discovered by researchers that has the ability to kill aggressive brain tumour cells by removing their source of energy. Read more


In this article, Dr Malcolm Haddrick (Medicines Discovery Catapult) and Professor Steve Evans (University of Leeds) highlight the exciting and innovative new method of drug delivery — microbubbles. Read more

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A new research project between Medicines Discovery Catapult and the University of Leeds has started at Alderley Park, to bring microbubble technology a step closer to being used in patients. Read more


A recent study, published in Nature Communications, has described how a candidate synthetic vaccine for polio has been developed with a method grown in plants that use virus like particles (VLPs). Read more


University of Leeds researchers are part of the £20.4m Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics (ADDoPT) programme introducing digital design processes to the pharmaceutical industry Read more


Aesica has announced its second major innovation board partnership following the recent annual Genesis conference, a famed hotbed of future innovation. Read more