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Latest ELN Release Delivers Advanced Chemical Functionality

IDBS has added key data visualisation and data analysis capabilities to E-WorkBook 9.4. The new chemical drawing features enable users to capture a wider variety of molecular types and streamlines chemistry data input.

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Terahertz optical sampling system for R&D lab applications

Advantest has introduced a new terahertz optical sampling system, the TAS7400TS. The flexible design of the new system allows the user to freely configure the terahertz source and detector modules. This system can be paired with a variety of... more »

Apr 14, 2014 in Lab Products

Screen saving concept delivers improved LIMS audit trail operability

The OneTime configuration tools provided with the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) not only allow the system to be configured without the use of custom programming but also provide an audit trail each time a display... more »

Apr 14, 2014 in Lab Products

Freeze drying microscope provides clearer images for easier analysis

Biopharma Technology Ltd (BTL) has released the Lyostat4, its latest freeze-drying microscope. Freeze drying microscopy (FDM) is an established technique for establishing the point of collapse, the most important critical temperature for... more »

Apr 11, 2014 in Lab Products

Dissolution line meets scientists’ needs today and tomorrow

The ability to flexibly respond to change in today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical environment can make the difference between success and failure. Fast time-to-market requirements — outsourcing, relocations, shift of manufacturing capacities and... more »

Apr 8, 2014 in Lab Products

Seward ramps up blender bag manufacturing

Manufacturer of Stomacher paddle blenders used in sample preparation for microbiological analysis Seward has increased production capacity for its blender bags. By locally manufacturing its range of Stomacher 400 and 3,500 ml bags at its UK... more »

Apr 4, 2014 in Lab Products

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